The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has been waging a decade-long smear campaign against anyone who opposes its political views. Recently the SPLC’s over-the-top behavior caught the ire of  well-known journalist and commentator John Stossel.

Stossel explains in a widely-publicized video that while he once believed in the center’s position, today’s SPLC regularly “smears people who don’t deserve to be smeared.”  As an example, Stossel points to Ayaan Hirsi Ali , a Somali woman who survived female genital mutilation and now speaks out against extremist fundamentalism in Islam.  Because Ali has been willing to publicly discuss what happened to her, she’s been accused of “anti-muslim rhetoric” and added to the SPLC’s “hate list.”

Stossel also notes the case of Majid Nawaz, who was once a radical jihadist but today speaks out against radical, political Islam.  For opposing religiously-motivated violence, the SPLC has labeled Nawaz an “anti-Muslim extremist,” despite the fact that he remains a practicing Muslim.

In addition, Stossel points out that the SPLC’s designations have resulted directly in violence aimed at conservative organizations. For example, the SPLC decided…

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